Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beach Day

I did get a beach day in last week and took lots of photos for my growing library.  Already I can't wait to go again.  First we went to Nahant, then drove up to Marblehead.  There wasn't a lot of time but I took a lot of pics.  Here are a few:

Nahant, Seaweed 1

Nahant, Seaweed 2

Marblehead, From The Cliff

Marblehead, Waves Crashing On Rocks


  1. I really love the last 2 pics of the waves. Beautiful!

    The first seaweed would make a nice fabric design.

  2. Wonderful inspiration! Thanks for stopping by....good luck in the draw

  3. Thanks to you both for your compliments! I love the ocean and cannot imagine living far away from it.