Thursday, August 23, 2012

A huge part of the process of creating art is the cleaning up and organizing and re-organizing so that when you're ready to embark on a new project, you can put your little fingers right on whatever tool or material you want.  That's what I've been doing a lot of lately.

Mulling things over in one's mind is also something of a necessity and something of a procrastination technique.  But, in the blogging world, I think it's a great time to keep sharing these picture with you because they are so inspiring!  I am spending a bit of time doing some printmaking, so I'll soon be sharing some of this with you.  But, for now, enjoy this show!

In the Best of Guilds category, this took Second Place and Best Use of Color.  It really is something to see!
Kaleidoscope Blossoms by Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild,
Mendon, MA

In the Bed Mixed Techniques, this next quilt took Second Place as well as the Exemplary Applique Award, and indeed, it was!
Redbud Ramble by Linda Roy, Knoxville, TN.
Hand appliqued and quilted!
That is, HAND appliqued and HAND quilted -
the whole thing

These next photos are of my favorite quilt in the show.  It won an award for Honorary Workmanship!  And this quilter deserved to win for her incredible detailed and beautifully executed appliques, quilting, piecing and beading!  I wonder how long it took her to do this!  And, of course, I love the contemporary look to it!  Check out the extraordinary details she put into this quilt!
My Mind :All Skewed Up Without
 Zentangle Meditation
by Patricia Washburn, Taunton, MA

This one is just a great looker with total eye candy for fabric junkies - all African fabrics, machine pieced, appliqued and quilted.  Blocks are satin stitched together!
African Journey by Jean Brueggenjohann, 
Columbia, MO.
 And last for today, but not least!
Fenway Park Centennial
by Rosemary Bawn, Stow, MA

This piece is autographed by 39 Red Sox players. Hand and machine pieced; hand appliqued and quilted.  Beaded sequined and embroidered. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

These beauties just drew me to them! Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this group is their originality. Each is a unique design with striking colors and all are well executed.

The first, Virginia Autumn Leaves appears to be the most traditional design, yet it's quite alive in today's world with Ann's choice of colors and the arrangement of each type of leaf that exists in her backyard.

Detail, original designs of hand-appliqued leaves
highlighted by free-motion quilting.
Whereas, the next two are clearly contemporary designs; 
each are also creative compositions, unique designs that speak with a voice of their own!

Spider  Orchids, Carolyn Olsen, Glenmont, NY.
Stunning design and colors!

Look #3 by Gail Dwyer, Winthrop, MA
Detail, awesome colors and composition!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I've spent the better part of today learning some of the mechanics of blogging, and getting photos ready to upload and so, now I'm tired of being on the computer and I need to get some other things done, like some art work and some housecleaning before I go to a sleep study tonight! But before I go, I'll leave you with a couple of the pics I'll be uploading very soon.

Here are some more shots from the LQF.  These were displayed in the Lowell Auditorium, the main venue for the show.  Taking photos of some of the more prominent quilters was banned, but others were not.  I need to improve on my photography with this digital camera that doesn't do well in indoor, low light situation, but these are worthy of being shared!

       This is really gorgeous! And the quilting is extraordinary!

Stars In The Garden  by Laura Steverman
Detail, made by Laura Steverman of Norfolk, MA. Hand appliqued,
machine quilted by Dianne Miller.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

As promised, more Boston Modern Quilt Guild members' quilts from the Lowell Quilt Festival:

Rebecca's gorgeous quilt starts us off today!

Amy Friend's "New York Beauty."

"Falling Leaves" by Aimee Raymond on left and 
"Neptune" zig zag by Alice Webb Greer on right.

Karen's Batik Kaleidoscope Quilt:

Below is also a personal pick of mine - 
"Black & White And Read All Over" by Linda Wolyniek.

I love to see text in art!

Some splendid  Bee Quilts! This is so perfectly modern - I love it!
...wonderful colors on this Bee Quilt:
...and two from "Around The World":
These make me look forward to another Bee!

The next is Linda Wolyniek's impeccable"Modern One" !

Also, a fine tribute to the Gees Bend Quilts is Linda's
 "Modern Two:"

This is "Ripples" by Elise Hendricks:

One of my faves was this "Paintbox" quilt by Stephanie Harrison - it seems the quintessential "modern" quilt!  Great job!

And Lea McDonnell's fabulous "Birds of Paradise"! 

as well as her lovely "Christmas Tree:"

They just keep on comin' with extraordinary skill and talent!  Below is Jane Fitzpatrick's incredible "Not Your Mother's Sampler" Quilt!  Kudos, Jane!

And her  "Tumbling Echo" quilt below!

Inspired by a box of tissues, Stephanie Harrison turned out this beautiful "Tissue Paper Petals" quilt:

Karen Leavett did a fine job on "Moonlit Sky!"

Alexis Deise' "Rails and Bars" simply shines!

And her "Flight" is inspiring!

Jen Boucher crafted a gorgeous "Dreaming In Color!"

Emily Blatt's August Intensity" is brilliant in it's simplicity and 
sophisticated use of color!

Andrea showed 2 of her great "dowry" quilts below:

And Aimee's "Double Hourglass" quilt - handsome colorway!

Coming to the end, we have 2 Dresden quilts:
Rachel's  (above)
And Laurie's (below).
And Mel's loving "Father's Day Quilt with the cutest kids' pics:"

"Alice In Chains" starts off her display here,

followed by her acclaimed "Ghastlies" Quilt!

Since I really didn't get any good shots of the Challenge mini-quilts, take a jog over to see them here:

Here's a few other really cool mini-quilts:

Also, there are some great shots of some of these that are way better than I any I took:

Now, wasn't that fun!  Next year maybe you can go to it!