Sunday, November 24, 2013

Seeking order out of the chaos.

I've been feeling my way through my life one foot in front of the other, sometimes dragging myself into the next moment.  I thank the gods and goddesses for my art that focuses me on making some semblance of order out of the chaos.  Here's a detail of a piece I've been working on -
 It needs a hawk or two.



  1. Love this! There is restrained movement in the bars and pieced rectangles, yet that splash-y, unrestrained fabric in the middle lets it all go! I feel your order out of chaos… :-) Hand dyed/painted??

    1. Thanks Sharyn. Yes, I painted the polockish fabric and I hand dyed most of the rest.

  2. Art is always healing. Wishing you peace of heart.

  3. This is looking so beautiful! I admire your work!

  4. Thanks. This is just a section of a piece that's not quite a 40 inch square. I'm reluctant these days to publish the full piece because it could disqualify it for some exhibits that I may apply for.