Monday, January 20, 2014

A Class With Pamela Allen!

My days have been pretty busy here between printing and art quilting. My Year of the Horse prints are drying and will show them here after they're off and running and corralled at their new destinations with members of The Baren.

But there's been lots of art quilting fun! I'm taking an online class with one of my favorite art quilter's, Pamela Allen.  She has a new Etsy site that's worth a trip over to see at

It's a very exciting class that's a constant challenge, with new lessons every day. It's called ABOUT CONTRAST and  nothing is quite finished yet but I can show the beginning stages.

I started out cutting and laying in some of the basic shapes and realized before long that I needed a lot of different values of B&W fabric - more than I had.  So, up I went and printed up some new fabric with old hand-carved soft block....and as you can see below, it worked!
The entire foreground is my hand made on the fly fabric as well as the back of the chair on the left.

Finally, the top is finished with the "piecing" of's actually fused on so it's really a fabric collage.  To finish it I will Free Motion Quilt it and then go in with some hand embroidery before  binding it in some way.  I'll probably stretch it onto some stretcher strips.   And I'm on to the next!


  1. This is amazing! I love your hand-dyed fabrics.
    I was watching a show other day where Susan Brubaker Knapp was the host. Then I remember our Holiday meeting conversation. Now I know.

    1. Thanks Hema! The ones I did here are actually had printed as opposed to hand dyed.

  2. I love this! It's so much about friendship and ease. But it looks totally complex before it becomes. I can't wait for the final photo.

  3. Wow this is fabulous! love the fabrics! what is the fusible web you use?

  4. I love Misty Fuse. It seems the lightest but works well.

  5. Very nice image. Black and white can be very striking.