Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Retreat Weekend

Last weekend I attended the Boston Modern Quilt Guild's annual retreat -  great time was had by all!  Some were incredibly fast as well as accurate, finishing one beautiful quilt from start to finish.  Not me!  I work pretty slowly to begin with but I also was designing as I went along, rather than following a pattern, but I really had a hard time focusing on my quilt with all the activity going on around me - I'm so used to being alone and being able to work (play) without interruption or distraction.  I was so very aware of just how lucky I am to have a guy who picks up all the slack (cooking and chores) in support of me living out the creative life I have at this point in my life! Still, it was fun to be around so many exhuberant quilters and it was great to learn a few tricks from those who are more experienced than I am.  I wish I took pictures but I felt overwhelmed enough without taking on another activity. 

One of the best parts of the weekend, of course, was shopping for fabric.  If you've never experienced Marden's in Sanborn, ME, you should plan a daytrip!  It's WWWAAAYYY worth it!  First rate fabric for deep cut prices!  As you can see my stash just got bigger and better!

So, since I came home, I've been working on the quilt I started there  and just finished piecing the top, which is being made for my 18 year old nephew, Josh.  I wanted it to have the look of a Gees Bend quilt - here it is:

Now to quilt and bind it.  It'll only be about a month late for his birthday!


  1. Glad you had such a good time at the quilt retreat Janis and found a place for yummy inexpensive fabrics. What's not to like? Even if a little late in arriving, think how long Josh will treasure his quilt.Great design, and very "Gees Bend"

  2. Janis,
    Where do you live that you attended the Boston meeting? I live in Maine and, yes, Marden's is great for fabric.

    I too have an uncomplaining husband that does the dishes and laundry while I follow my art passion. It is such a blessing!

    I love Gees-Bend quilts and yours is a good representation!

  3. That's wonderful Janis. I like your quilt. looks like you got to use some your own creation in this quilt :-).

  4. Thanks Trish - wish you were there!

    Judith, I live in North Reading and the retreat was at the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunk - are you anywhere near there? I loved the area and plan to do some more day trips to the area.

    Hema, I was hoping you'd be there! Yes, I used quite a bit of my snow dyed fabric in this quilt. Today I worked on a reversible back side...all commercial fabrics and I'm almost done with it.