Saturday, March 2, 2013

winter vision - a new art quilt

New small art quilt - #4 - only 96 to go! 

I did frame this one. I wanted to see if I like the deep frame wrap around look to mount these babies on and I do!  Can't really see much of it here but you get the idea.
Again, I experimented with texture and dimension.  Like my "Let Them Be Wild" quilt
(Turtle Moon Impressions: Let Them Be Wild) I used small scraps of fabric hand-tied with embroidery thread to build a textural quality.  This time, they're the shape of  leaves and some are printed with the text of a some words I journaled (also on the top of the frame) about taking the photo which is also digitally printed on cotton - an old sheet, in fact, prepared with inkAid. It's also bordered with a sliver of one of my new digital skins and quilted with gold metallic thread.  I'm doing the happy artist dance!

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