Friday, March 8, 2013

Like A Squirrel Before The Storm

The snow is piling up here this morning.  It's been lightly snowing for a day or so now...looks like about 8 inches or so - white trees, white sky, white ground, pieces of white as far as you can see.

Yesterday I went to Joann's fabric and picked up a bunch of mostly white remnants, including a tiny piece of silk dupioni.  Most were cottons, some Kona and also a piece of voile.  Before I went there, I ordered a few yards of mostly white PFD fabric too!  I feel like a squirrel before the storm!

Some of you will be glad to know I'm getting a bit more sleep these days since my new cpap machine arrived, although Restless Leg Syndrome kicked in last night to keep me from sleeping again.  I had missed my afternoon ropinerole and it definitely makes a difference.

I do have time constraints on how long I can sit at my computer at any given time without RLS acting up or without falling asleep at the wheel, so to speak, but I finally managed the time to get the initial process down for pattern making in Photoshop!  Here's a couple of my first successful patterns that I did from scratch.

Here's the first, not crazy about it but it's the first successful pattern:

"Hearts Afire"
And the second that I just did this morning.  I like the pattern better:

"Guitar Player"
They are both from a couple of my old photos.

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