Wednesday, August 22, 2012

These beauties just drew me to them! Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this group is their originality. Each is a unique design with striking colors and all are well executed.

The first, Virginia Autumn Leaves appears to be the most traditional design, yet it's quite alive in today's world with Ann's choice of colors and the arrangement of each type of leaf that exists in her backyard.

Detail, original designs of hand-appliqued leaves
highlighted by free-motion quilting.
Whereas, the next two are clearly contemporary designs; 
each are also creative compositions, unique designs that speak with a voice of their own!

Spider  Orchids, Carolyn Olsen, Glenmont, NY.
Stunning design and colors!

Look #3 by Gail Dwyer, Winthrop, MA
Detail, awesome colors and composition!

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