Saturday, August 18, 2012

As promised, more Boston Modern Quilt Guild members' quilts from the Lowell Quilt Festival:

Rebecca's gorgeous quilt starts us off today!

Amy Friend's "New York Beauty."

"Falling Leaves" by Aimee Raymond on left and 
"Neptune" zig zag by Alice Webb Greer on right.

Karen's Batik Kaleidoscope Quilt:

Below is also a personal pick of mine - 
"Black & White And Read All Over" by Linda Wolyniek.

I love to see text in art!

Some splendid  Bee Quilts! This is so perfectly modern - I love it!
...wonderful colors on this Bee Quilt:
...and two from "Around The World":
These make me look forward to another Bee!

The next is Linda Wolyniek's impeccable"Modern One" !

Also, a fine tribute to the Gees Bend Quilts is Linda's
 "Modern Two:"

This is "Ripples" by Elise Hendricks:

One of my faves was this "Paintbox" quilt by Stephanie Harrison - it seems the quintessential "modern" quilt!  Great job!

And Lea McDonnell's fabulous "Birds of Paradise"! 

as well as her lovely "Christmas Tree:"

They just keep on comin' with extraordinary skill and talent!  Below is Jane Fitzpatrick's incredible "Not Your Mother's Sampler" Quilt!  Kudos, Jane!

And her  "Tumbling Echo" quilt below!

Inspired by a box of tissues, Stephanie Harrison turned out this beautiful "Tissue Paper Petals" quilt:

Karen Leavett did a fine job on "Moonlit Sky!"

Alexis Deise' "Rails and Bars" simply shines!

And her "Flight" is inspiring!

Jen Boucher crafted a gorgeous "Dreaming In Color!"

Emily Blatt's August Intensity" is brilliant in it's simplicity and 
sophisticated use of color!

Andrea showed 2 of her great "dowry" quilts below:

And Aimee's "Double Hourglass" quilt - handsome colorway!

Coming to the end, we have 2 Dresden quilts:
Rachel's  (above)
And Laurie's (below).
And Mel's loving "Father's Day Quilt with the cutest kids' pics:"

"Alice In Chains" starts off her display here,

followed by her acclaimed "Ghastlies" Quilt!

Since I really didn't get any good shots of the Challenge mini-quilts, take a jog over to see them here:

Here's a few other really cool mini-quilts:

Also, there are some great shots of some of these that are way better than I any I took:

Now, wasn't that fun!  Next year maybe you can go to it!


  1. Although I don't plan to get into quilting myself, Janis,I am oohing and aaghing over all the quilts you've posted. Will you be blogging on other art you do?? A subhead of your art interests under the Turtlemoon title might be helpful. You carve so well: why not replace the impressionist style garden scene--which is pretty--with a carving of a turtle and a moon?
    Trish J

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Those are good ideas Trish! I will be adding Printmaking and Collage to this blog. So many of us are multi-media artists! Turtle that I am, I just figured out how to change the comment feed so that I could reply to your comment!