Thursday, August 23, 2012

A huge part of the process of creating art is the cleaning up and organizing and re-organizing so that when you're ready to embark on a new project, you can put your little fingers right on whatever tool or material you want.  That's what I've been doing a lot of lately.

Mulling things over in one's mind is also something of a necessity and something of a procrastination technique.  But, in the blogging world, I think it's a great time to keep sharing these picture with you because they are so inspiring!  I am spending a bit of time doing some printmaking, so I'll soon be sharing some of this with you.  But, for now, enjoy this show!

In the Best of Guilds category, this took Second Place and Best Use of Color.  It really is something to see!
Kaleidoscope Blossoms by Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild,
Mendon, MA

In the Bed Mixed Techniques, this next quilt took Second Place as well as the Exemplary Applique Award, and indeed, it was!
Redbud Ramble by Linda Roy, Knoxville, TN.
Hand appliqued and quilted!
That is, HAND appliqued and HAND quilted -
the whole thing

These next photos are of my favorite quilt in the show.  It won an award for Honorary Workmanship!  And this quilter deserved to win for her incredible detailed and beautifully executed appliques, quilting, piecing and beading!  I wonder how long it took her to do this!  And, of course, I love the contemporary look to it!  Check out the extraordinary details she put into this quilt!
My Mind :All Skewed Up Without
 Zentangle Meditation
by Patricia Washburn, Taunton, MA

This one is just a great looker with total eye candy for fabric junkies - all African fabrics, machine pieced, appliqued and quilted.  Blocks are satin stitched together!
African Journey by Jean Brueggenjohann, 
Columbia, MO.
 And last for today, but not least!
Fenway Park Centennial
by Rosemary Bawn, Stow, MA

This piece is autographed by 39 Red Sox players. Hand and machine pieced; hand appliqued and quilted.  Beaded sequined and embroidered. 

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  1. Fenway Park left quilting and turned into Fine Art! I love the zentangle one and can't see how one could do that in stitches! Wow! The kaleidoscope blossoms is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing. The Lowell Quilt Festival must be something extraordinary.