Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I've spent the better part of today learning some of the mechanics of blogging, and getting photos ready to upload and so, now I'm tired of being on the computer and I need to get some other things done, like some art work and some housecleaning before I go to a sleep study tonight! But before I go, I'll leave you with a couple of the pics I'll be uploading very soon.

Here are some more shots from the LQF.  These were displayed in the Lowell Auditorium, the main venue for the show.  Taking photos of some of the more prominent quilters was banned, but others were not.  I need to improve on my photography with this digital camera that doesn't do well in indoor, low light situation, but these are worthy of being shared!

       This is really gorgeous! And the quilting is extraordinary!

Stars In The Garden  by Laura Steverman
Detail, made by Laura Steverman of Norfolk, MA. Hand appliqued,
machine quilted by Dianne Miller.


  1. Of course the photos only hint at the fine work and luscious fabrics!