Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Heaven To Me!

Been cleaning again...it never ends, does it?  But this time I've really done it!  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!  And no, I'm not really quite finished, BUT...I unearthed some supplies that have been missing for a couple of years now and have been searching for because I need them about now. I knew I had a bunch of dye and discharge paste and GAC somewhere but I was beginning to believe I had lost a box in the move here, so I'm thrilled to find them before I broke down and bought them again! So, I thought I'd share!

Starting with the art studio which is located above a 2 car garage in an unfinished space, perhaps a bit "inelegant," but it serves it's purpose quite well! As you can see, there is now a place for everything and it's heaven to me!

This table is so old I bought it when I still lived in SF at Flax when I was a University of Berkeley student in the Interior Design/Interior Architecture Program in SF.  Although I don't use it for a drafting table anymore, I still love it and it's the most used table in the room:
Same area from the side showing the great light (a precious commodity up here) that pores in from beside my drawing table:
Scooting over now to the left is my laptop, my coil binder, my Dremel drill in a drill press I rigged up years ago when I was routinely drilling holes in polymer clay beads and I now use for many tasks:
And walking back again to this area, on the left is storage for all of my carvings which I keep organized in boxes, mostly pizza boxes:
When we cleaned out my brother's apartment I got back a desk that I painted years ago and set my lightbox on it and it's now a dedicated calligraphy area - maybe I'll actually do more of it now:
Just to the right of that area is more storage of art supplies and books:
And more....mostly paper storage:
I dug out all of my old photos and scrapbooking supplies, organized the pics into categories and set up a separate desk (another great Freecycle find!) and storage areas for all of them, so that I can scrapbook or scan in and collage with them at any time I want to! 
From here, we're trekking on down the stairs to the opposite end of the house.  Did some desk and table shuffling in the sewing room too. Hmmm - it looks like night and day by the light of these pics but they were mostly all taken in the day.  Unfortunately it highlights the lack of direct sunlight in the art rooms. 

Yes, it's quite a bit fuller than the last pic you may have seen of it!
The little sewing table that I have simply doesn't work well with my particular sewing machine, an Elna 2600, because of the shape of it. It just doesn't fit well and it makes free-motion stitching very difficult.  It's this one in the foreground to the right and I think it'll work better with this old Singer but I haven't quite found the trick to positioning it to the right level.  I wonder if I'm missing a part?  I can move it up and down easily enough, but can't fix it to the place I want it.  Anyone know?

So, I went back to the foam insulation "table top" that I rigged a couple of years ago.  I cut out the exact shape of my sewing machine into the foam and sandwiched together 2 layers of foam to make the exact 3 inches thick that I needed to fit my machine very tightly into it. Covered that with some sale priced vinyl from Joann's and, viola! - it looks like a new table!  And I can't wait to do some free-motion stitching on it!
Here's a few more views of the sewing room...lots of fabric storage:
 ...probably the view I see most of at the cutting board:
 And last, but not least, my design wall - ready for the next project:
*Stay tuned - you never know what you're going to see next time!

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