Saturday, September 1, 2012

This is the last batch of pics I'll be posting from the LQF and are from either The Whistler Museum of the Brush Gallery and are among my own faves of the show.

I didn't get the title of this but it is a
Wen Redman, whose work I love
...anyone know the title?
Don't know who did this or the or below
but I think they're wonderful!

Carrie Hedstrom did this,
"The Woman With The Tattooed Hands."
This is Peggy Brown's "Duet III."

Susan McCraw, "Fascinatin' Rythm."
Mary Durda of Needham, MA did this bold geometric
called "Woman In A Man's World."
Nancy Crasco's "Lost In A Fog" is a fine example of a transfer printed quilt.
It's brilliant in execution, especially in its' minimalist construction.
This "Nocturne Dupont Plant" and the one below, "Nocturne Bewers Mills Lock"
are by the talented Pamela Allen of Ontario, Canada.

This was the smallest quilt but it left a large impression on me:
"Backyard Owl" by Cheri Wilkins of  Kittery Point, ME.
Again, I don't know who did these, top and bottom, but I remember that they're by different artists and thought they were both striking!

There were many more, of course, than you have seen here.  Some I simply got terrible pics so I can only blame myself, but some of the most well known quilter's don't allow you to photograph their work and there were some extraordinary pieces among these!  What can I say - take it in yourself next year!

Now, I'm going out to enjoy some of this very fine weather!


  1. The quilts look amazing!
    Enjoy the weather!

  2. Hi Janet
    The last two quilts are both made by me. Valerie

  3. Valerie, thanks for identifying these and clearing up my confusion - I couldn't imagine how they could be by different artists! Exquisite linework!