Friday, December 6, 2013

At the Drawing Board

So many things on my To Do List! I've been working on 3 different quilts and starting another in my head now.  All I've done so far on it is to begin a drawing.  My attention span for drawing seems so limited these days.  I used to spend hours on a drawing with no problem, but I have to do it in stages now.  Here's a pic of what I accomplished today so far...out of practice!  But good enough to turn into a template for a quilt element.

I guess that's why zentangling has been my favored form of drawing in the past few months. I often do my zentangles in bed and find myself sitting up in bed sound asleep, pen in hand, with ink on my sheets!


This might explain my nightmare!
Other times I sketch possible free motion quilting designs:
Then again, they may become more zentangles:



  1. Love your zentangles - I am a zentangler also. Lately they have found their way into several prints as the motif in my ladies gowns/robes. Samples are at

    1. Sharri, I've always loved your woodblocks but now that I see your new intaglios I'm very excited to see how you've incorporated your zentangles so wonderfully into your already inspiring printmaking!

  2. Love your drawing. You are so great at it. Love the Zentangles and FMQ designs too!