Monday, December 16, 2013

Serendipity Study One

Believe it or not, it took me the entire day yesterday to make this little 10" X 7" art quilt.  I started with a gelatin print I made a few months ago. First, I made the stencil and it went from there.

Gelatin Print
 I traced my stencil onto parchment paper, reversed it, went over the image again in pencil, adhered it to fabric that was adhered to Misty Fuse, cut it out after it cooled down. Same technique for each of the shapes.  Ironed each piece onto white cotton then free motion quilted it between batting and backing. I then "faced" it to finish:  facing tutorial.

Art Quilt - fused raw edge.
Close Up of art quilt.


  1. This is looking great! Yes, I totally understand smaller/tiny quilts doesn't mean faster. I feel the same they take up lot of time especially you embellish with beautiful FMQ like you did.

    I like the bright colors in the first picture? Does the colors fade a little when you transfer on to the fabric?

  2. Thanks!

    No, it's not a transfer at all. I just took the design and repeated it in fabric. The colors are different, although the photo appears less colorful than it actually is, it's not as colorful as the gel print.