Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Project: to create 100 small art quilts!

New Project:  to create 100 small art quilts!

I’ve joined a new group, Art In Common, with instructor Kathyanne White
·       Each to be about 8” or so

·       To focus (although not exclusively) on digital imagery and to combine other printmaking and fiber art techniques with it
My first realization, however, is that I need to develop a new library of sorts of my own digital images to draw on. Of course, as soon as I started saving my images in TIFF form (which, I’m told, is what I should be doing) my old Corel program started to freeze up and I couldn’t print through this program - just to test my patience level,  I suppose. Not so good at this…grrr.  I’m going to have to get a new program but it won’t be Corel again.  And this is where the real challenge is for me – to learn Photoshop!  I just have such a hard time understanding the directions to it!  But….I’m biting the bullet!
So, feeling somewhat daunted by the thought of producing 100 of anything, Kathyanne advised me:  “…when we are working as artists we tend to do what we have done so when you decide on a project and do 25 of them and then another 25 and then another 25- you start to get out of your head and start to do work that is more inspired and original. So for you - say you want to create 100 quilts that are 8" x 8"- just do that one at a time and create something new you go for each time. Let the ideas flow and keep at it. You are an artist and your ideas will flow and you will keep unfolding work as you go. This is like working in a series - so another and another and another and as it goes forward you start to look at your work in a new way and try different things as you go forward and you don't stop till you get to 100 and see what you have discovered about you and your art.”
And so, I have taken my first steps on this new journey!
The Dory

Evening Primrose

These pics are just the beginning of a collection of images that I will draw on while making my small art quilts.


  1. Nice- you will love the journey! I look forward to watching it with you as you post:)

    1. Thanks for paving the way for me! I'm excited about doing it.

  2. Love your beginning travel through 100 new experiments. I sure you won't want to stop once you reach 100!

  3. It sounds a lot but I often find that when I have a lot to do of anything, as I get one done, an idea comes into my head for the next. Or I might what I deem a mistake and that leads to be the beginning of the next thing...the same will occur for you :-)

    1. I think that's true for me too. I'm on a roll already!