Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RIP Jenny Hunter Groat

Today... a nod to a beloved friend, mentor and artist, who I've only known online since 2000, but who has been large in my life in terms of how much she added to my world, especially my art world, particularly my carving world.  At various times in my life I took up carving, painting, calligraphy and modern dance in my younger days, then again in my early fifties until both my knees gave out. So, I felt an immediate kinship with her.  Jenny was an accomplished and reknown dancer, calligrapher and painter. I met her through the Carving Consortium, an online carver's group, where we shared many pieces of carved art!  Jenny passed away at her home in Marin on Saturday, leaving a devoted husband and bereft community of artists worldwide.  She will always be my inspiration!

Take the time to look at some of her incredible artwork!



I thought of Jenny as I carved my "Isis Dancing:"


  1. Sympathy for your loss...but you know that now you have to "pay it on" - and become important to another new or emerging artist :-)

    Maybe you are already doing that...

  2. Indeed, but I can't possibly claim the kind of talent Jenny had. I do, however, try to instill an art apreciation in my grandchildren, and they do some pretty wonderful stuff!

  3. Hello Janis

    (Are you on AML/Artistamp? Do I know you by a mail art nick?)

    Such sadness.

    You might like to view the new constellation Jenny, the artist, where Jenny's spirit and vision will gaze on us forever from the night sky.


    Bob / Elmer Elevator

    1. Yes, it's been a long time since I participated in AML! Thanks so much for this link - I love it!