Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Skins" for Fiber Art

Dismal weather day here...waiting for good light to take pics. Although yesterday was sunny and bright I didn't get to take poics till it was too late and the sun was right on the spot I needed to shoot.  Instead I applied more inkAid to fabrics and papers before putting them through my computer. But it was great for indoor computer play.  Here's a few more "skins" for my fiber art:


I learn a little more every day - that works for me!


  1. Nice! I especially like that first one Janis. I watched that 3-part video by the InkAid presenter on You Tube. What is the difference between printing on substrates treated with InkAid and ones without? Does InAid add more depth of color and detail, or what?

  2. Absolutely yes! The color and detail are more vibrant on inkAid. However, the trade off is the "hand" of the substrate. I printed on thin cotton fabric and it no longer feels or looks like fabric. But since I have only printed two of them so far, that's all I can tell you right now.