Monday, February 4, 2013

No. 1, Art In Common Project, 100 Small Art Quilts

I really like this 8 inch format for art quilting. Now that I'm in free motion, I'm no longer doubting that I'll have any trouble coming up with 100 of these.  As I'm working on one quilt, I'm starting another in my head or gathering up materials for the next one.   Here's No. 1!

A few years ago I worked in Andover and every day I went to Harold Parker State Park for lunch to keep my sanity.  I took a lot of photos there and have begun to harvest them for my digital art now. Nature is probably the most predominant subject of my art.   I've used the carving of this little wren again...I love birds in my art.  I'm sure you'll see more of them here, though probably not this one again.

Some of these graphics are digitally printed onto fabric on my Epson Stylus NX 430 printer.  Some  are on cotton but others are on translucent silk organza. Other small images are printed onto Leslie Riley's TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) and then ironed onto my substrate, which in this case, is white cotton.  I've embelluished with pieces cut from dungarees and two small strips of handpainted fabric on the very top and bottom.

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