Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Halfway...life and art!

I'm still a novice at relief printmaking, as well as at fiber art for that matter!  But as I get older, I feel the clock ticking and it motivates me strongly forward to make the best use of my time and to do the best I can with what time I have left in this world.  I don't have regrets about my life and for the most part I've always propelled myself forward despite obstacles and there have been many!  But at 64, the urge to accomplish things that seem worthwhile grows stronger. And I'm lucky enough to have a partner in life who accomodates such desires and supports me in my endeavors.  That said.....

I do have such fun at this!  Earlier today, I was running off the next printing plate, I set up a tripod and took some pics of the process!  Keep in mind now, I'm always learning!

First, I mix up the ink I will be using.
Then I sandwich my papers/prints between layers of damp fabric,
while I prepare the next step.
I roll the ink onto my carving plate with a breyer.
Carefully, I lay down my paper onto the carving, aka registering my print.
That is the back side of the print showing through.
Now, I'm transferring the ink from my carved plate to the paper by
gently rolling my soft brayer over it.  I used to use a baren but this time
I tried using the brayer to see if I got a better print and I did!
Alas, I pull the print...
and hang them to dry!
This color is about half done.  So far there's about forty done in blue.  Soon I will decide if I'll do another darker blue before the black.  I've only done one other large edition of multi color prints like this, so any advise from those who are more experienced is welcome!


  1. Interesting technique to use a soft brayer rather than a baren to take the impression. It sounds kinder on the hands :)

  2. It's definitely easy on my hands and I got a better print than with the Speedball baren.