Friday, January 11, 2013

The minutes are swiftly ticking away at this new year! 
My sewing machine is in for repair.  My BMQG Challenge, using Michael Miller's new Madronna Road fabric in a quilt project awaits its return.  I'm making a quilted tote bag.
I've carved  and printed 2 new projects (not scanned in yet as they are drying):

CC Year of the Black (or Blue) Snake Swap and the Baren Year of The Dragon 2012 Exchange .
...and I'm working on a third.  The carvings are done for this year's Southern Summer/Northern Winter Solstice Print Exchange and I'm cutting my papers to size preparing to begin printing!  I've carved 3 blocks for this and have no idea yet how many colors I'll end up doing.  For me, life is a learning curve! 
Filling in some of time in between,  I'm doing some  zen tangleing which will probably end up being carved as well:



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