Friday, April 19, 2013

Discharge Dyeing

Here's a peek at a piece of what I've been doing.  Painted some discharge paste on dark blue cotton.

And I just received some more dyes and I'm looking forward to getting outside to do some dyeing and more dye painting!


  1. Wow! those fabrics look great! I love the blue background you choose for dyeing.

  2. Did you use the deColourant discharge on these? I'm trying to make some "Asian" inspired fabrics and have used a wax resist on white fabric, then dyed the background navy, but like the idea of dyeing the navy first then taking the color out. Always something more to try, not enough time!

  3. I used Jacquard discharge paste on a commercially dyed fabric, but of course, I will also use it on hand dyed fabrics as well. I loved how it went on so smoothly and how it seemed to magically appear so beautifully when I ironed it! I'm also anxious to get at some soy wax resist dyeing as well, very soon!