Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Family Is Safe...

Sometimes I become so immersed in what I'm doing I become unaware of much else going on around me.  That's sort of where I've been this week but, of course, the outer world has forced itself into my consciousness with the insidious act of violence perpetrated on the marathon runners and innocent bystanders.  I was out and about town chasing down more fabric for my most recent project when I became aware of the turmoil "in town." (That's what we, who grew up in the Boston burbs call metropolitan Boston.)  My first thought was my son, Mark. I knew he must be there.  And he was - right there in Copley Square - but quickly at the end of my cell phone so I knew right away that he was fine, just trying to get home. Another ten minutes and he would have been right there where it all happened.  Another mother's son was not all right.  Neither was she or her daughter, and then another mother and another....this is NOT ok.  I hurt for them.  I pray for them.

My children are safe. My family is safe.  I am thankful for that!


  1. This week has been really sad and devastating for us in Boston. I am glad to hear that your family is safe.

    Take care!