Saturday, April 6, 2013

I feel so inspired...

...I hope it doesn't wear off before I produce something!  We visited the Lowell Quilt Museum this afternoon and took in the Masters II exhibit - WOW!  It's one thing to see pictures of these quilts - I have the Masters books, but to see them in person is such a thrilling experience.  To see up close the texture and weight of the materials, the colors, the stitching, the luminescence, the layers, the varied sheens and sheers - well, I feel full, like after a good meal but with a buzz too!  

Here are a few of the quilts I saw.  Some photos of some of the quilts that I loved were way too blurry to post, although I chose to show some that are a wee bit fuzzy just so you could see what's there to see if you make it there before the exhibit closes on April 13th!

A Time To Dance, May 17th, Karin Franzen
this a lovely layered construction that HAS
 to be seen to be fully appreciated!
Waiting For Rain (close up), Margery Goodall
Incredible craftsmanship in this piece! Some of these strips
appear to be only about and eight of an inch wide.

Urubamba (close up), Jan Meyers-Newbury
When you see the whole quilt, it's gorgeous!  The colors and
textures of the hand dyed fabrics undulate even as they are
bound by geometric forms.

Frision Sky, Dirkje van der Horst-Beetsma
This is stunning in its' simplicity with some
amusing surprises in its construction.

I'll post more of these in the next few days, but before I go, lest you think I'm slacking off,
 here's one of the tasks I've been working on:

I'm trying to line them up according to value. Some of these groups of strips are 10 to 20 thick
and vary in length and width, although most are 1.5 inches wide.
 I really don't yet know how these strips will be incorporated into a quilt, but I'm in the process....


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