Monday, April 8, 2013

True Expression

I want to know if the artist of this next piece reads science fiction.  She must - this shouts sci-fi to me - a beautiful, bold universal landscape.  Another painted piece, along with piecing, this draws you straight to it!

Two Thousand Seven, Elizabeth Busch
 This quilt speaks to me as a collage artist.  In the book, it's vertically arranged but this horizontal layout is how it was exhibited, and I believe, how it was meant to be.  Also, the colors in the book do not do this piece justice!  It's quite alive and very appealing to look at.
Desert Study Maryline Collioud-Robert
 Again, this next piece was upside down in the book if I remember accurately.  It's a textural master and a color spectacle!  Must be seen with your nose right up to it to thoroughly enjoy it.
Gold Canopy Gris, Tim Harding
 Night Rain, below, speaks to the inner me.  It's evocative of old and new meeting, colliding, integrating, remembering, experiencing - I love this!
Night Rain In Venice, Fenella Davies
One of the main themes that really took my breath away as I viewed this display is the raw bravery of experimentation and true expression. I aspire to be able to do least I'm working toward it, in small but strident steps in my fiber art.


  1. Wow! Those are some amazing art work.

  2. Where did those pics come from? I'd like to see more.

  3. I took these pics at the Museum (you can take pics without a flash), but the exhibit is some of the quilts that are in the Masters Art Quilts, Vol.2.