Sunday, April 7, 2013

Up Close

The Forest is the first quilt you see as you enter the exhibit and it is truly a treat to see in person,  The entire quilt is hand stitched and there's something about how each applique billows and falls with each stitch taken and so, as a whole, the piece becomes alive with color, texture and movement as in a symphony!

Close Up of The Forest, Misik Kim

The Forest, Misik Kim
  Town News is the funniest!  It depicts a small town in California by its police log in a delightfully quirky style of illustration.  I love the little eyes with legs on the lower left!

Town News, Linda McDonald

 This is the one piece I thought looked better in the books and photos than in person.  It just doesn't appear to be as cohesive in real life as it does in print.
Woman With Two Gents, Leslie Gabrielse

And this next piece is striking in its real up close and in your face craftsmanship!  Each stitch is lovingly taken and each thread expresses the artists natural affinity to the subject and the medium!  A joy to behold!

Cherished Times, Carolyn Crump



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